Weekly Workout Routine — Jan 2024

1 min readJan 18, 2024

My workout week starts on Friday and ends on Thursday.

FridaySunday: Workout atleast 2 times in these 3 days.
Monday-Thursday: Workout atleast twice in these 4 days.

More Notes:
- In a week, have atleast 2 days of toning out of which atleast 1 day of strength training. Toning can mean yoga class also.
- In a week, have atleast 2 days of cardio.
- One of the cardio days has to be a long run of 40 minutes of more with breaks in between.

Typically in gym days I now follow a push/pull/hinge/legs model. This means a horizontal push (chest press / pushups etc), a vertical push (such as shoulder press), a horizontal pull, a vertical pull, a hinge (core/abs workout), and multiple leg strengthening exercises. These are a little difficult to do at home, because of a lack of knowledge of how to do it without machines, so I focus more on legs and core, and try to do atleast some workout for my back, shoulders, and chest also.