My Weekly Workout Routine

2 min readOct 27, 2023

I wanted to ensure I have a variety of workouts, and have the option to combine a few of these workouts with each other if I don’t have time on certain days. I also wanted to keep only 2 long workouts, so I can quickly get the others done if I don’t have time.

My target this quarter is muscle toning and increasing my speed with a focus on outdoors. Next quarter will focus more on muscular endurance and long form endurance, and the summer quarters will have an indoor focus towards power, strength, and flexibility.

Long Workouts —

  1. Play Tennis (combine with anything)
  2. Gym (combine with anything except home workout) —
    - Warmup, band stretches, ankle warmup (5 mins from youtube),
    - 10 minutes core workout (youtube),
    - Weights / Machines (2 sets of 12 each): 4 lower body exercises, 2 shoulder exercises, 2 back exercises , 1 chest exercise
    - 5 mins of wrist and forearm exercises
    - Stretching

Short Workouts —

  1. Sprint (combine with anything except cycling) — warmup, 1 minute sprint, 4 minutes walk, 1 minute sprint, 4 minutes walk, stretching
  2. Cycling (combine with anything except sprint) — 6 km of cycling including 2 1-min speed bursts
  3. Home Workout (combine with anything except gym) —
    - 10 suryanamaskars, some asanas for stretching
    - hip workout (5 minutes)
    - 5 waist pushups on fingers, 5 knee pushups on fists, 5 normal pushups
    - 5 minutes band stretches
    - 5 minutes taekwondo kicks and punches
    - 5 minutes learning pistol squat
    - 5 sets of pull-up eccentric

Optional (can skip any 1 of the above and do this) —

  1. Yoga class
  2. Wall climbing
  3. Any other sport
  4. An event such as a 5K run