1 min readSep 28, 2023

Yesterday as I went about my day, I witnessed many miracles happening to me or around me. These are just a few of the hundreds that I witnessed-

  • I was able to work from home, and still collaborate with people from across the world.
  • When I wanted to work in an office environment, I could just walk into a co-working space and work from there.
  • I ate a meal that wasn’t possible 100 years ago.
  • My wife bought a pair of shoes that can only be described as a technical and aesthetic marvel.
  • Even in this heat, I was able to travel in absolute comfort in my car, and one of the best metro trains in the world.
  • Got grocery delivered to home just by touching a few buttons on my smartphone.

At every step in our lives, we are enjoying the kinds of luxury that was not possible 15 years ago, and not even imaginable 30 years ago. 300 years ago, if you would have suggested that life could be this way, you might have been called insane. But since we’ve adapted to this life, we fail to see the magic in each of these miracles.

An easy way to gain perspective about the problems in life is to list the everyday miracles that happen to us, and think about how depressing and stressful life could have been had we just been born a few centuries ago.