Learning Outline for New Developers

  1. Foundations: VCS (preferably GIT), Unit Tests, Bash, Static vs Dynamic Typing, REST — Response Codes, Headers, Conventions
  2. Clean Code: Fundamentals of Clean Code, Modularity and Abstraction, Mocks and Stubs, CI/CD, Code Coverage, Static Code Analysis, Domain vs Value Objects, Code Reviews and Pair Programming.
  3. Service and API Development: Basics of a Webserver, REST API Design, Routing, MVVM/MVC, Layered Architecture, Environment Segregation, DB Migrations, Security, ORM, Working with External Dependencies
  4. Devops: SSH and SCP, Understanding Cloud Platforms, Remote VMs/Containers, VPCs, Basics of Networking, Key Management, CDNs, Cron Jobs / Scheduling, Platform CLIs, Deployment, CI/CD Pipeline Setup
  5. Frontend: HTML/CSS/JS, DOM Manipulation, Browser Debugging Tools, Fetch / XHR, Proxy / Reverse Proxy, CORS, Routing & Redirection, Closures, Promises, Frontend Testing Frameworks, Mock Servers, Frontend Development Frameworks (such as React or Angular)




Educator, Founder @ Interleap

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Educator, Founder @ Interleap

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