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    Moglee- your best shopping partner provides you real time info of all best shopping offers and food deals available around you.

  • Khushboo Sharma

    Khushboo Sharma

    Digital Marketer & A Writer. Books Lover & A Foodie.Love to travel & relish each moment of life. Believe in Dreams,Magics, Happiness & Inner power of the human.

  • Shirish Padalkar

    Shirish Padalkar

    Developer at ThoughtWorks Inc.

  • Jigish Chawda

    Jigish Chawda

    Day dreamer.

  • Mukul Chakane

    Mukul Chakane

    Loves to Code | Software Developer @ Veritas Technologies

  • Nanduri Balajee

    Nanduri Balajee

    Iam a Technical Content writer having 4years of Industry experience. Till now, I have written 300+ articles and 6 tutorials

  • Kirti Deshmukh

    Kirti Deshmukh

    \_(0_0)_/ 💻

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